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"My leg is swollen."

23 year old female with no medical history presented to the hospital with 3 days of worsening right lower extremity swelling. She was in her normal state of health until about 3 days ago when she noticed some mild swelling in her right lower calf. It slowly got more swollen and started to become blotchy and red.

The swelling increased and the skin is now tight and painful. She has never had this before. She recently went on a 9 hour drive to Florida for vacation with her family. They spent most of their time of the beach. She does not recall any injury but does report walking barefoot for most of her trip. No history of blood clots or skin infections. Only medication is her birth control.


T 99.4 HR 101. BP 124/87 SPO2 98% on room air RR 16


Gen: In mild distress due to leg pain

CVD: tachycardic, no murmurs

Lungs: clear

Abd: soft, nontender

Extremities: Right lower leg with moderate swelling and erythema from knee to ankle with some pitting edema; Left leg without any swelling or erythema


Right popliteal vessels

Right lower extremity skin/soft tissue

Left lower extremity / soft tissue

What is the diagnosis?

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