Our mission

Our mission at POCUS Med Ed is to make point of care ultrasound as routine as auscultation though interesting cases, tutorials and relevant research. One of our contributors, Dr. Larry Istrail - a hospitalist and POCUS zealot - recently wrote a poignant, eye-popping piece for STAT and KevinMD about how routine POCUS can dramatically improve all aspects of medical care. Please enjoy the read below.


In the COVID-19 era, point of care ultrasound has proven invaluable

Amidst the crushing human and economic carnage inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic, one innocent bystander has been cowering in the dark corner of medicine’s past, clinging to its final breaths of iconicity: the beloved stethoscope.

For over two centuries, there has been no better physician archetype than the quintessential rubber tube donned confidently over a crisp white coat. This recognizable image has been with us in part since 1816, when Dr. René Laennec listened through a paper cylinder flush to a patient’s chest, revealing a treasure trove of muted thumps, crackles and wheezes comprising the cacophony of physical exam findings we rely on today.

Now, 204 years later, as the world suffers through this once-in-a-generation pandemic, many hospitals and clinicians have conspicuously decided that the ratio of useful information to infection risk does not favor employing a stethoscope on any patient presenting with even a whiff of COVID-19 related illness. In its place has risen a budding dark horse of mod