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Pregnancy follow up visit

30 yo female at 27 weeks gestation presented to her OBGYN for a routine office visit. She has no medical problems and has been doing well with this pregnancy, only minimal nausea thus far. Denies any abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding.

She has always had low blood pressure and denies any headache or dizziness.


T 98.3 BP 92/63 HR 79 RR 12 SPO2 99% on room air


Gen: in no distress, healthy appearing mother

CVD: S1, S2, 2/6 systolic murmur

ABD: consistent with pregnancy

Extremities: No edema or deformity

Fetal doppler heart rate of 250 bpm

After noting the elevated heart rate, a POCUS exam was performed to look at the baby's heart.


General fetal exam

Fetal cardiac exam

What is the diagnosis and management?

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