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Screening of the heart

22 year old male with no known medical history presents to your outpatient clinic for a physical. He is a college basketball player who recently transferred to the area for his final 2 years of eligibility. His parents are very involved and are asking if he can get a screening echo to make sure he does not have anything wrong with his heart, as they have read about multiple young healthy athletes who have dropped dead on the basketball court.


T 98.8 HR 63 BP 118/68 RR 14 SPO2 99%




General: in no distress, muscular, fit male

CVD: S1, S2, 1/6 systolic murmur over left upper sternal border

Lungs: clear

Abd: soft, nontender


Parasternal long

Parasternal short

What is the next step in management?

What is the role POCUS plays in screening?

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